TRIAC Symbol, Construction, Circuit, Applications, Advantages

The word TRIAC implies that Triode is for AC or Alternating Current. Triode means it has three terminals. TRIAC is a three-terminal, Bi-directional, semiconductor device. TRIAC can conduct current in both directions which is why it is mostly used for Alternating Current. In this article, you will find the Symbol of TRIAC, Applications of TRIAC, Circuit Diagrams, Advantages, etc.

TRIAC Symbol

Here you can see the symbol of TRIAC. The symbol shows two diodes are connected in antiparallel. It has three terminals named as MT1, MT2, and G (Ground).

TRIAC Symbol

TRIAC Construction

Here you can see the simple constructional diagram of TRIAC.

TRIAC Construction

TRIAC is made up of two thyristors connected in parallel but in opposite directions. Inside a TRIAC, you can see three layers of semiconductor material: P-type, N-type, and P-type (P-N-P). The P-type material has an excess of positively charged particles (holes), while the N-type material has an excess of negatively charged particles (electrons). 

A TRIAC has three terminals - MT1, MT2, and gate (G). MT stands for Main Terminal, and they are the two outer terminals. The gate terminal is the one in the middle. These terminals allow you to control TRIAC's operation.

TRIAC Applications and Uses

1. Generally, TRIAC is used for low-power and low-voltage applications.

2. TRIAC is used in Light Dimmer Circuits.

3. TRIAC is used for low voltage and low power motor speed control applications such as Speed control of Electric Fans. TRIAC is used in Electronic Fan Regulator Circuits.

4. TRIAC is used for speed control of single-phase induction motors.

5. TRIAC is used as Static Electronic Switch.

6. TRIAC is used in some single-phase heaters. By controlling the waveforms of applied current and voltage to the heater coil using TRIAC, we can control the producing heat on that coil.

7. TRIAC is also used in some electronic control circuits such as frequency control, waveform control, voltage control circuits, etc.

8. TRIAC is used to make the triggering circuit also.

9. TRIAC is used in High Voltage Blocking Circuits.

10. TRIAC is used for the speed control of Universal Motors.

11. TRIAC is used for Phase Control Circuits.

TRIAC Circuit Diagram

Here you can see the Electric Fan speed control circuit using TRIAC.

Electric Fan Motor Speed Control Circuit Using TRIAC

Here DIAC is used to give triggering to the TRIAC. Generally, TRIAC is always used with DIAC. The variable resistor is used to control the triggering. So controlling the variable resistor, we can control the speed of the electric fan motor.

Advantages of TRIAC

1. TRIAC can provide high-speed switching speed.
2. Very low power loss occurs in TRIAC during any operation.
3. TRIAC needs very little triggering current.
4. Very less capacitance effect occurs in TRIAC during switching operation.

Disadvantages of TRIAC

1. The operation of TRIAC is highly affected by Radio Frequency Interferences.
2. TRIAC is not suitable for DC applications.

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