MOSFET Applications and Advantages Explained

The main applications of MOSFET are, Switching and amplifying of the electronic signal. MOSFET stands for Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor.  In this article, you will find a lot of MOSFET Applications. You also find the advantages of MOSFET.

MOSFET Applications

(1)MOSFETs are used in high-frequency power amplifiers because MOSFET has a very fast switching property.

(2)MOSFETs are used to make Integrated Circuits(IC). As the MOSFETs have high switching properties and high efficiency that is why they are used in digital ICs. Digital ICs such as Microcontroller, Microprocessor, and Memory ICs are made of MOSFETs. The main function of MOSFET in all digital ICs is switching.

(3)MOSFET can handle a larger amount of current than other transistors such as BJT which is why it is used for speed control of motors.

(4)Actually, the main function of MOSFET is switching which is used for all applications. So MOSFETs are also used as electronic switches in electronic circuits.

(5)MOSFETs are used in SMPS(Switch Mode Power Supply) Circuits.

(6)MOSFETs are used in Voltage regulator circuits.

(7)There is huge applications of MOSFET on the computer, laptops, etc. From the controlling  ICs to Memory ICs everywhere MOSFETs are used. If you observe the motherboard of a computer then you will see there are many MOSFETs are placed for different purposes.

(8)  MOSFETs are used in  CMOS logic circuits. CMOS means Complementary metal oxide semiconductor.  both p-channel and n-channel MOSFETs are used to make the CMOS logic circuit. Generally, CMOS logic circuits are used to reduce power consumption and heat production.

(9)MOSFETs are used in electronic chopper circuits. In high-power chopper circuits, SCRs are used but in low and medium-power chopper circuits, MOSFETs are used.

(10)In the H-Bridge circuit, MOSFETs are used.

(11)In Inverter circuits, buck converter circuits, and boost converter circuits MOSFETs are used.

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Advantages of MOSFET

1. MOSFET has a very fast switching property than other transistors such as BJT.

2. MOSFET can handle a large amount of current but less than SCR and IGBT.

3. MOSFET can withstand more heat.

4. MOSFET has a very highly efficient switching property because there is a very low voltage drop occurs in MOSFET.

5. MOSFET has a very high input impedance which also increases efficiency.

6.  Another important advantage of MOSFET is, it is a voltage-controlled device that helps to reduce loss and increase efficiency.

7. MOSFET has very little chance of thermal runaway as it tolerates more heat.

8. As the MOSFET is a unipolar device, so it is noiseless.

9. MOSFET creates a very low power loss than other transistors.

Some Applications of MOSFET are explained

MOSFET as a Switch

MOSFET as a Switch

As you see in the above figure an n-channel MOSFET is used as a switch. When we give a voltage to the gate to source of the MOSFET, it will turn ON and conduct current. When the voltage is removed, the MOSFET will be turned OFF to stop conducting current.

CMOS Circuit Using MOSFET

CMOS Circuit Using MOSFET

Simple Amplifier Circuit using MOSFET

amplifier circuit usinf MOSFET

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