What is Capacitor and How a Capacitor Works? Types

What is capacitor
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What is a Capacitor?

A capacitor is a passive element, which uses in both electrical and electronic circuits.
A capacitor is an element which can store charge. The function of a capacitor is charging and discharging in a few time. Let's what inside a capacitor and how it works.

A capacitor has two metallic plates. And there is a dielectric material between the two plates. When the capacitor is connected to a voltage source, an electric field is created. positive charges are collected by one plate and negative charges are collected by another plate. So a capacitor store charge by creating an electric field. when a capacitor collects charge is called charging and when the capacitor releases the charge is called discharging.

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The amount of electrical energy stored by the capacitor is called capacitance of that capacitor. The unit of capacitance is Farads(F).
If the capacitance is C, the applied voltage is V, and the charge is Q then

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Types of Capacitor

1. Ceramic capacitor
2. Electrolytic capacitor
3. Polystyrene Film Capacitor
4. Polycarbonate capacitor
5. Polypropylene Capacitor
6. Glass capacitors
7. Supercap
8. Silver Mica Capacitor
9. Tantalum capacitor
10. Metallised Polyester Film Capacitor

Application of capacitor

1. The capacitor is used for filtrate DC output of the rectifier.
2.  The capacitor is used for audio frequency coupling.
3. The capacitor is used in Tuned circuits.
4. The capacitor is used for power factor improvement.

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