What is Binary Coding. Concepts of Binary Number.

What is Binary Coding? Concepts of Binary Number.

What is Binary Coding. Concepts of Binary Number.

Do you know what is Binary, what is binary coding? When the concept of Binary Numbers came. This post will give you a different knowledge of binary. 

The Transistor is a very very important and useful device. Every smartphone, Computer, laptop, tablet, and many other electronic devices, and gadgets are made of Transistors. Nowadays each electronic device has digital circuits and digital circuit means binary operation. In this post, you will know about the concept of binary, and the relation between binary coding and transistor.

Before reading this post you must know How a Transistor works. If you do not know how a transistor works, read the post  Working of a Transistor, use of Transistor.

                                                   When the transistor not discovered, we used vacuum tubes which were these bulky evacuated glass bulbs. The triode vacuum tube consisted of three parts, the cathode, grid, and anode. When a current is passed through the cathode it begins to heat up, and it releases electrons. As there are no gases in the tube the electrons have very little resistance to their movement and they are attracted to the positively charged anode. This completes the circuit and current flows through it. We can manipulate this flow of electrons in many ways with the grid. 

                                We can use it as a switch. If we connect a light bulb here it will only light up when there is a positive voltage across the grid. And when we apply a negative voltage the negative charge will repel electrons trying to pass through. This concept gives birth to binary coding, which is the 1 and 0 and subsequently digital information. Here 1 means a positive voltage and 0 means a negative voltage. 1 turns the light on, 0 turns it off.

                                                     The transistor also has a function very similar to the vacuum tube. Modern electronic devices like mobiles, computers, and laptops have billions of Transistors, which perform the same job as vacuum tubes.

                                                 Let's know how a computer does all these complex tasks that we see today. Let's look at a very basic example. Let's add two numbers together. At first, we have to learn how numbers are represented in binary, it is 1 and 0 which is used to store the data. This number is 15, which with 4 bits you can represent the largest number. 

The first bit represents 1, represents the next 2, then 4, and finally 8, which adds to the 5th. This pattern continues with each successive bit which indicates the last time, so if we add an extra bit, then we can count to 31. Let's add 5 and 6 together. To do this, we want a circuit that will keep 1 in 1 position in 1 position and 1 will go forward when both will be 1, as you can see that it will give us number 11.

 A Half Adder circuit which is a very simple digital circuit can do this. There are two types of logic gates in this circuit, these are the tools that can modify the binary code, and they are made using the transistor. The first XOR logic gate, which gives only 1, is one of the inputs, if both are 0 or 1 then it gives 0. The second logic gate is another gate, which gives 0 for everything except the input is 1.
Modern computers, laptops, and mobiles can perform millions of calculations per second.
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