What an Electrical or Electronic Engineering student must know?

What an Electrical or Electronic Engineering students must know?

If you are a student of Electrical or Electronic Engineering then this article will be very helpful for you. In this post, we are going to discuss "What an Electrical or Electronic Engineering student must know?". So let's start.

If you want to become smarter in Electrical or Electronic Engineering then you must know the following things?

An electrical or electronic engineering student must know,

(1) Clear basic knowledge: There are many students who are not so good at reading all things of books. So I would like to say that you must have a clear basic knowledge of electrical or electronic engineering. You not to need read everything but you must have a fully clear basic knowledge. If you have clear basic knowledge then your future will be good. Most of the teachers, and senior experienced engineers say that you must have clear basic knowledge.

(2) Know Symbols: The next important thing is that you must know about all the electrical and electronic symbols. The knowledge of electrical and electronic symbols is very important.

(3) Able to Read and Make Electrical Drawing: As an electrical or electronic engineer you must be able to read the Electrical Drawing. And also must have the basic knowledge of how to make an Electrical Drawing.

(4) Practical Knowledge: It is always seen that most of our colleges, schools, and institutes try to give theoretical knowledge. But only reading books is not sufficient to be a good engineer. You must attend all labs to get practical knowledge.

(5) Know about measuring Instruments: Nowadays Industries have the latest measuring instruments which are not available in our colleges, and institutes for learning. So you must have knowledge about the basic measuring instruments like the connection of an ammeter, voltmeter, energy meter, etc because all modern instruments are made up based on these basic instruments.

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(6) Able to properly operate some devices: You should able to operate some devices like Multimeter, CRO, Function Generator etc. I think most of the institutes give training about operating these devices.

(7) Electrical Wiring: You must have the basic idea of Electrical Wiring. Because Electrical Wiring is a very important thing in electrical as well as electronics engineering.

(8) Safety: Electric is very dangerous so as an Electrical or Electronic Engineer you should have proper knowledge about electrical Safety.

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