Know easily How do electric cars work?

Know easily How do electric cars work?Types of Electrical Vehicles

The Electric Car or Electric vehicle is the future medium of the transportation system in the whole world. Do you know how do electric cars work? In this post, we are going to know how do electric cars work?

What is an Electric Car?

An Electric Car is a vehicle or automobile that uses an Electric Drive system for its operation which means it is propelled by Electric motors. 

How do electric cars work?

Working of a simple Electric Car:

At first, we will discuss about the simple electric car. A simple electric car mainly has a battery for storing electrical energy, a controller, a charger circuit, and two motors. The controller is used for speed control and changing the direction of the car. 

How Tesla Cars Works?

 Now we will learn about the simple construction and working of Tesla cars. These cars have a three-phase Induction motor, battery(has more than 6000 cells), inverter, and charging circuit. As you know induction motor can run on an AC supply, so the inverter circuit is used to convert DC to three-phase AC. The regenerative braking system is used in this car. So during this breaking battery will be charged.

Types of Electrical Vehicles:

Battery Electric Vehicles(BEV): This type of car has only the Electric Drive system and no Mechanical Drive system which means it has only electric motors that run by the power supply of the rechargeable battery. This type of car has no IC or Gasoline engine.

Examples of Battery Electric Vehicles:

Tesla Model S, Tesla X, BMW i3

Hybrid Electric Vehicles(HEV): This type of car has both electric and mechanical drive systems that's why they are called Hybrid Electric Vehicles. They have both electric motors and petrol or diesel engines. When these cars are driven by the IC engine battery will charge by the Regenerative Braking system. So these cars can be driven by the electric motors with a battery. Remember that these cars cannot be charge externally.

Example of Hybrid Electric Vehicle:

Honda Civic Hybrid

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles(PHEV): This type of vehicle same as Hybrid Electric Vehicles. The also has both electric and mechanical drive systems. The difference these cars can be charged externally. 

Example of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles:

BMW i8, Hyundai Sonata

Advantages of Electric Cars:

                       Electric Car has many advantages like these cars are noise-free, pollution-free, very simple mechanism, very less weight, simple braking system, regenerative braking system, etc. There are many types of electric cars are there.

The main disadvantage of Electric Cars:

           The main disadvantage of an electric car is charging.  I am trying to say that most of the electrical power generation is based on Thermal power plants which pollutes our environment so using electric cars also pollutes our environment indirectly. If we solar energy then this problem will be solved.

The growth of Electric Car in the World:

The growth of electric cars has increased very fast in the whole world. The concept of the electric car is not new it is very old but due to low efficiency, and the low-quality battery it is it was not preferable to mechanical drive cars but nowadays it's growth increased.

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