Microphone inside Headphone

The microphone inside Headphone.

Microphone inside Headphone

We are all use headphones. In this post, we discuss what is inside a simple headphone and what types of microphones are used in headphones.
Basically, an Electret microphone is used in headphones. This type of microphone can be called a condenser microphone.

Microphone inside headphones

Let,s know how this type of microphone works. Like a capacitor, it also has two parallel plates. One of them is fixed or not movable and another is movable(in the form of a Diaphragm). There is a small gap between the two plates. An electrical potential is given to the plates.

                       When sound is created near the microphone the vibrating air particles strike the movable plate and it starts moving and the distance between the plates also changes. So the capacitance changes between the plates which in turn results in a variable electric current to flow. Thus the sound is converted into a proportional electrical signal. It can be called a Capacitive Transducer.
Then this electrical signal is amplified by the amplifier.

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