10+ Examples of DC Machine

examples of DC Machine

Here, is the list of 10+ Examples of DC Machine,
  1. DC Motor
  2. DC Generator or Dynamo
  3. Car Starter
  4. DC Fans
  5. DC Solenoid
  6. Battery Driven Tools
  7. Portable Printers
  8. Trimmer
  9. Drone
  10. Electric Bicycle
  11. Electric Vehicle(using DC Motors)
  12. Battery Lawn Mowers

DC Machines are those that consume DC power supply for their operation. They use the electricity in the form of direct current to do some useful work. There is a lot of difference between a DC machine and an AC Machine. DC machines have more disadvantages than AC machines such as DC machines are heavier than AC machines. The construction cost is also very high.

Anyway, let's talk about the examples of DC machines listed above.

The first one is DC Motor. DC motor consumes the electricity in the form of direct current. It converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. DC motor works on the principle of electromagnetism, fleming's law, etc. Basically, the DC motor needs a DC power supply to its both stator and rotor coils. The rotor coil is known as the field coil and the rotor coil is known as the armature coil. The field coil can be directly connected to the power supply but the armature coil is supplied by brush and commutator arrangement. According to the type of connection between armature coil and field coil the DC motor is classified into different types such as DC shunt motor, DC Series Motor, DC compound motor, etc.

DC generator or Dynamo converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. It generates electricity in the form of direct current. Nowadays, the use of DC generators is very less. You can see the use of DC generators in portable tools, hand-driven megger, etc.

A car starter is also a DC machine. Basically, it is a high-powered DC motor operated by a car battery. It is used to start the engine. The car starter is generally designed to operate with 12V or 24V DCsupply. It is built with an inbuilt solenoid. The solenoid is used to start or stop the starter motor and it is controlled by the ignition key and other control circuits.

A DC solenoid is an actuator or DC machine that is operated by a DC power supply. Basically, it has an electromagnetic coil and contact or valve mechanism. When a DC supply is applied to that coil the contact or valve mechanism will operate. For example, a gas or fluid control can be achieved by a solenoid.

Different types of battery-driven tools such as hand drilling machines, and vibrators are also examples of DC machines as they are operated with a DC power supply. Basically, they have rechargeable batteries with them.

Drone helicopters, and hair trimmers, are also DC machines. They also use rechargeable batteries.

Electric Bicycle is built with a DC motor and Batteries. The DC motor drives the bicycle by taking the DC power supply from the battery. Generally, 12V or 24V Motors and batteries are used.

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