How Air Cooler Works? Learn with Diagram

Hey, in this article we are going to understand the working principle of a conventional air cooler with a diagram. An air cooler is nothing but an electric machine that helps to reduce the temperature of the air. Generally, it circulates or ventilates the air inside a room. And at the same time, it cools down the temperature of the air by adding water particles. So, there are two functions of an air cooler - to circulate the air and to cool down or decrease the temperature. Basically, the core working principle of an air cooler depends upon evaporation. The cool fresh air from the air cooler evaporates the sweating of the human and extracts heat. So the human can feel cool. The air cooler is a very simple mechanism for cooling and it does not have any complex machinery and circuits.
You will see there are so many types of air coolers available in the market. Nowadays, air coolers come with advanced functions and technologies such as inserting of ICE, dust filtration, anti-mosquito controller, inverter technology, etc. But the main purpose, internal parts, and the working principle are the same for all types of air coolers.

Internal Parts of an Air Cooler

The common and important internal parts of the air cooler are,
  1. Cooling Pad
  2. Water Pump
  3. Water Tank
  4. Air Circulating Fan

A cooling Pad is that through which the air passes and the water particles are added to the air. Generally, the cooling pad is built with absorbent sheets. So when the water is supplied from the water tank to the cooling pad through a pump the absorbent sheet soaks. After it evaporates from the sheet and cools the air passes through it.

The main function of the water pump is to pump the water from the water tank to the cooling pad.
The water tank is the place where we have to fill the water. More cool water we put more cool air we will get. Also, you can put ice in the water to make more chill the water.
The main function of the air-circulating fan is to circulate the airflow inside the room. There are some electrical circuit and device in the air cooler that is used to control the speed of the fan. More speed of the fan means more air circulation so more cooling.

How Air Cooler work?

Here, you can see the diagram to understand the working principle of the air cooler easily.

Air Cooler Diagram and Internal Parts

The cooling pad is continuously feeding with water from the water tank through the water pump.  The air enters the air cooler and passes through the cooling. While the air passes through the cooling pad it cools down. After the cool air is circulated or fed into the room through the air-circulating fan. Some modern air coolers have an air filter for dust-removing purposes. The dust filter is placed before the cooling pad. So after entering the air inside the cooler, it is filtered by the filter.

Advantages of Air Cooler

  1. An air cooler consumes 10 times less than a conventional air conditioner so it is very energy efficient.
  2. The air cooler is a very simple and low-cost device.
  3. Air cooler requires very low maintenance and repair as it contains few simple parts and circuits.
  4. Air coolers are portable so we can use them anywhere.
  5. The air cooler can work with open windows.

As we know there are various types of air coolers are available on the market. So when purchasing an air cooler first of all find out your requirements, budget, and flexibility. As all the air cooler has some common internal parts such as a cooling pad. So it is to check the cooling pad before purchasing. A good quality cooling pad can observe more water than draining it. A good cooling pad can hold the water for a long time.

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