What is Universal Motor Controller(UMC)? Features, Applications

What is Universal Motor Controller(UMC)?

Universal Motor Controller or UMC is an intelligent motor control cum protection system. The control and protection system for a motor is a very important factor. Every year different companies, scientists, researchers, engineers tried to make the motor control and protection system more efficient, more compact, and add new features. UMC is a very important device that covers almost all the controlling and protection systems. You see an example that is UMC100 from ABB. The name is universal motor controller because it provides all types of control systems and protection for the motor.

The Connection of Universal Motor Controller is also very simple. Just like a normal circuit breaker connection, we can connect the UMC with power source and motor. Although, different types of motor required different connection.

Universal Motor Controller(UMC)

Features and Benefits of Universal Motor Controller

  1. It provides intelligent and integrated motor control
  2. It provides motor protection such as overvoltage, short circuit, surge voltage, single phasing, and many more as a single device
  3. It provides motor internal faults such as earth leakage, insulation failure, voltage imbalance, current imbalance, etc
  4. Using this you can diagnosis all types of faults in a single device through a remote controlling system.
  5. Here, you will get all the real-time data, real-time operations, etc.
  6. Safe Start and Stop Operation
  7. Control up to 1000V, 63A motor
  8. Standard Fieldbus Connection and flexible communication interface.
  9. Easily connect to any automation device or system such as PLC, SCADA, or DCS.

As its name suggests it is suitable for all types of motors that means it can be used for both single-phase and three phase motors. Mostly, it works with the Profibus communication system. 

Profibus communication system is a digital networking technology that makes communication between real-world field sensors and programming devices. So from a central zone, all the devices can be controlled. In the case of the Universal Motor Controller, engineers can easily see the real-time data from the control room. Not only see the data, but even they can also control or change the parameters for the device. 

The old model UMCs does not have any digital display panels but the modern UMCs have digital LCD displays. So you can see and record the real-time data. Also, you can easily set programs and parameters through this display.

The Universal Motor Controller has an inbuilt overload relay, single phasing detection system. In a three-phase system when anyone phase is broken down then it is called single phasing and this time the motor will draw a very high current so it will damage the winding of the motor. But as the UMC has an inbuilt single phasing detection system, it will automatically trip the motor when the single phasing occurs.

In a Universal Motor Controller, you can set everything manually means motor full load current, motor tripping current, overload current, earth leakage current, voltage limit, etc. So, when any errors or fault occurs it will show the error notification or trip the system. It also has a limit for on/off frequency per time that helps the motor for safe starting and stopping, voltage fluctuation, etc.

So, when you changed the motor by replacing a new one you can set all the parameters manually according to that motor rating. So, no need to different motor controller for different motors.

Application and Uses of Universal Motor Controller(UMC)

  1. Industrial Motor Control Panel.
  2. Modern Lifting System.
  3. Production Machinery.
  4. Mills, Rolling system, etc.
  5. Electric Tools.
  6. Heavy hydraulic and mechanical machinery with electrical motors.

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