Water Heater Electricity Consumption Explained

water heater electricity

Water Heater Electricity consumption depends upon various factors such as the capacity or wattage rating of the heater, running hours, types, size of the unit, etc. So in this article, we will see all the calculations to easily understand. According to the energy department, the water heater is the most energy consumable device among others in a house after any heavy motorized appliance. Almost 17 percent of the total power consumption of a house is consumed by the water heater.

First of all, let's calculate the water heater electricity consumption.

The cost of the electricity consumption can be calculated by multiplying the number of watts of the heater and operating hours and cost per kWh then divided by 1000. Most of the water heaters used in our house have ratings from 1000watts to 15000watts.

For example,

our water heater have wattage rating - 4000 watt

cost per kWh we have to pay - 0.10$(as per global electricity rate)

Number of hours per day we operate - 5 hours

So the per day electricity consumption of water heater will be - (4000*5)/1000= 20kwh

The electricity cost per day will be - (4000*5*0.10)/1000= 2$

The electricity cost per month will be 2*30=60$

The electricity cost per year will be 60*12=720$

This is an example to understand its calculation. Using this formula, you also can calculate the power consumption or electricity cost of your own water heater. You just need your water Heater power reading, using hours, and cost per Kwh as pee your electricity board.

How to Reduce Electricity Consumption of Water Heater

There are various factors you should consider to reduce the power consumption by the water heater. The first and most important thing is reducing operating hours. Yes, you can easily reduce the power consumption if you reduce the operating hours. It is applicable for any type of water heater.

There are two types of electric water heater - 1. Tank type Water heater  2. Tankless On Demand Water Heater. Tank-type water heater stores or reserves hot water while on-demand water heater does not store water. It is seen that tankless water heaters consume less power than the tank-type water heaters. But it also depends upon your usage. If you consume so much water per day then the power consumption also be increased.

Here are some tricks to reduce electricity consumption,
  • Properly insulate pipelines and tanks so heat can't spread outside.
  • Do not overheat the water heater
  • Always turn off the switch while not using it.
  • Always try to operate with cleaned water.

Gas operated water heater also available in the market. Also, it is seen that gas-operated water heaters consume less electricity. If the normal conventional water heater expense 1.20$ per day then the gas-operated water heater 0.62$ per day. Now you can understand what is the difference between the electricity consumption of a gas-operated water heater and a conventional water heater.

Most of the people don't know which size of the tank should be used. It is a very important factor. Because if you install a big tank that is unnecessary for your whole family, the energy consumption also be high. A bigger size tank contains so much water, so the heating time and energy also be increased.

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