Types of Fire Alarm System and Difference between Them

The electrical or electronic system that can detect fire-related accidents and can alert or notify people, is called a Fire alarm and detection system. The fire alarm system is very important for safety in residential buildings, factories, in fact, houses. Nowadays, everywhere, in fact, houses also have fire alarm systems. The initiating device, notification device, and control panel are the main basic components of a fire panel system. Here is the list of types of Fire Alarm systems,
  1. Domestic or Home Fire Alarm System
  2. Conventional Fire Alarm System
  3. Addressable Fire Alarm System
  4. Intelligent Fire Alarm System
  5. Wireless Fire Alarm System

Home Fire Alarm System

Home fire alarm system also known as domestic fire alarm system used in residential buildings, houses, etc. The domestic fire alarm devices are may used as standalone or interconnected to each other. Generally, this type of system is connected to the main power supply of the house or connected to the main distribution board. Also, batteries are used for backup power supplies. Generally, the domestic fire alarm system does not have any control panel. Even both of the initiating and notification devices are assembled in the same case. Standalone devices make noise or alert themselves whereas, in the interconnected system, all the devices will be triggered when accidents happen in any one place.

Conventional Fire Alarm System

The conventional fire alarm system is the oldest system where all the initiating devices are connected zone-wise and the notification devices are connected separately to the control panel. All the devices are connected in series means the output of a device is connected to the input of the other device. Also, a resistor is connected at the end of each zone wiring. These zone systems are used for separate floors of a building or separate locations. For example, the ground floor as Zone 1, 1st floor as Zone 2, and the 2nd floor as Zone 3. So, if the control panel shows the alarm as Zone 2, that means the accident happened on the 1st floor. The control panel of the conventional fire alarm system is connected to at least two notification devices such as a bell, hooter, or sounder.

Addressable Fire Alarm System

The addressable fire alarm system is the latest system than the conventional system. In an addressable fire alarm system, all the initiating devices(smoke detector, heat detector, MCP, etc) and notification devices(sounder, hooter) are connected in a loop wiring system. Up to 99 devices can be connected in a loop. Also, an isolation module is connected to the addressable fire alarm system to isolate the damaged part from the circuit, so the other part can work normally. This system also uses the Dual In-line Package or DIP switch for address detection purposes.

Types of Fire Alarm System, fire alarm system types

The main difference between the conventional fire alarm system and an addressable fire alarm system is that in an addressable fire alarm system the exact location of the device or accident can be find out but in a conventional fire alarm system the exact location of the accidental place can not be find out from the control panel.

Intelligent Fire Alarm system

It is the advanced technology from the addressable fire alarm system. In the intelligent fire alarm system, all the detector devices have their own programming or computing devices. So they not only send the signal during the accident even send the status of the current environmental status around them such as dust that needs to be cleaned, faults, moisture, etc. This system prevents the occurrence of false fire alarms. Also in this system, the control panel can be connected to the multiple loops of wirings. An intelligent fire alarm system helps to monitor a large area from a single panel even they allow remote control and other extra functions.

Wireless Fire Alarm System

In the wireless communication system, all the detection devices are connected to the control panel wirelessly using a license-free radio communication system. So the cost of cabling is eliminated. The detector communicates with the control panel by transmitting the radio signal. The wireless fire alarm system is easy to install in a very short time with a low installation cost.

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