Examples of Electrical Appliances with their Power Consumption

Examples of Electrical Appliances, electrical appliances examples

An electrical appliance is one type of device or equipment that uses a kind of technology and helps to our efforts or does our personal rather than industrial use. There are various types of electrical appliances we used in our daily life from morning to evening. Electrical appliances can be divided according to their application areas such as home appliances, office appliances, portable appliances, kitchen appliances, personal appliances, etc. Electrical appliances work for us converting the electrical energy into other energy such as mechanical, light, rotational, etc.

Here, you can see the list of examples of electrical appliances,
  1. Ceiling Fan(15-100 watts)
  2. Microwave Oven(500-1700 watts)
  3. Table Fan(10-70 watts)
  4. Vacuum Cleaner(100-900 watts)
  5. Dishwasher(1000-1500 watts)
  6. Washing Machine(300 - 1000 watts)
  7. Refridgerator(800 - 2000 watts)
  8. Mixer Grinder(80 - 200 watts)
  9. Computer(50 -250 watts)
  10. Laptop(80 - 150 watts)
  11. Printer(80 - 200 watts)
  12. Hand Drilling Machine(250 - 1000 watts)
  13. Dehumidifier(300 - 500 watts)
  14. Hair Dryer(80 - 200 watts)
  15. Coffee Maker(400 - 800 watts)
  16. Frying Pan(800 - 1200 watts)
  17. Audio System(20 - 300 watts)
  18. Food Blender(200 - 400 watts)

Note that the above power ratings are approximate values. This is for your general knowledge only. And these appliances are used for domestic purposes only.

House Appliances

Electrical house appliances are those we used in our house. House appliances are also known as domestic appliances. Generally, the house appliances are low power rated they are operated at 110V to 240V single-phase AC Supply.

Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fan is the most common house as well as office appliance. It helps to circulate the air inside a room and make the room cool. The ceiling fan uses a single-phase capacitor start capacitor run induction motor.

Table Fan

A table fan is also used to circulate the air but it is portable and can be used it by placing on the ground rather than the ceiling. There are both types of table fans available - AC and DC. AC table fans use a single-phase AC motor, either an induction motor or a series motor.

Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is also a very useful electrical house appliance. It uses an electric motor and fan arrangement to create a vacuum. It is mainly used for floor cleaning but it also be used for other useful applications.

Air Conditioner

The air conditioner is used to control the temperature, humidity, and airflow inside a room. There are two types of air conditioner available - window air conditioner and split air conditioner system. The window air conditioner system is backdated. A split air conditioner system is mostly used.

Kitchen Appliances

The electrical appliances used in our kitchen and help for cooking and related works can be called kitchen appliances. Heater, microwave oven, dishwasher, juice maker, food blender, mixer grinder, are examples of kitchen appliances.

Office Appliances

The electrical appliances that use in our offices, drawing, rooms, classrooms, to easily do our official works are called office appliances. Computer, printer, laptop, projector, speakers, ceiling machines are examples of office appliances.

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