Electric Symbols : Phase, Neutral, Grounding, Earthing

Electric Symbols Phase, Neutral, Grounding, Earthing, positive, negative

In electrical engineering, there are so many important symbols and diagrams. So having a background in electrical engineering and to make a strong knowledge base we must know these symbols and diagrams. In this blog, we have published so many articles based on electrical and electronic symbols. So, you must go to the symbol section and read these articles. In this article, also we will see some important symbols.

Phase Symbol

In the alternating current or AC power system, phase is considered as a higher potential. Although there is no fixed higher potential and no fixed lower potential in the AC system as their polarity changes with time. As the neutral is connected to the ground, in general, its polarity is zero until it makes a closed circuit with the phase or live. But the phase is not connected to the ground, which is why the phase always has a higher potential in normal conditions. The phase is also known as Live or Line or Hot.

Phase Symbol, symbol of phase, electrical phase, phase terminal

Line or Live Symbol

Although phase is also known as live or line. It has a different symbol. It is denoted by L.

Hot or Line or Live Symbol

Neutral Symbol

In a three-phase three-wire or delta system, there is no existence of neutral. But in a three-phase start connection system, one terminal of each phase is connected together and also connected to the ground. In fact, in a single-phase system, there is one phase and one neutral. The potential of neutral is zero.

Neutral Symbol, symbol of neutral terminal

Positive Symbol

In the DC circuit, the higher potential is denoted by the Positive symbol.

Positive Symbol, symbol of positive terminal

Negative Symbol

In the DC circuit, the lower potential is denoted by the negative symbol.

Negative Symbol, symbol of negative terminal

Grounding or Earthing Symbol

The connecting of non-current-carrying part of any electrical system, devices, equipment, or the neutral point to the earth or ground is called earthing or grounding. These same symbols are used in both electrical and electronic circuit and wiring diagrams.

Grounding Symbol or Earthing Symbol

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