Why PIV rating is very IMPORTANT when purchasing a Diode?

choose PIV rating of Diode

Hey, today we are going to know why a PIV(Peak Inverse Voltage) rating is very important when purchasing a diode. The main function of the PN Junction diode is to allow the flow of current in one direction only. A diode should act as a very good conductor for forward current and a good insulator for reverse current. The main objective of using a PN junction diode in any electrical or electronic circuit is to allow the flow of current in one direction and block the flow of current in the opposite direction. So, if we choose the wrong PIV rating, our objective will not be fulfilled.

Peak Inverse Voltage(PIV) of Diode

The maximum reverse voltage that can withstand by a Diode safely is called Peak Inverse Voltage(PIV). When the reverse voltage is applied to a PN Junction Diode, it does not allow the flow of current. But if we apply a large reverse voltage across the diode it breaks down and starts allowing current to flow through it. In fact, a huge amount of current will flow, when a diode goes to breakdown.

Remember that, when you going to use a diode in a circuit, always calculate the maximum reverse voltage and select the diode for that circuit whose PIV rating is greater than the maximum reverse voltage.

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How to Choose the PIV Rating of Diode

When going to choosing a PIV rating, it should be kept in mind that the PIV rating must be greater than the reverse voltage that is to be applied across the diode. Let's understand with an example.

Suppose we want to make a half-wave rectifier circuit using a PN junction Diode for 220V AC. The peak value of 220V AC is 311.08V. So, during the negative half cycle of the AC supply, 311.08V reverse voltage will be applied to the diode. So the PIV rating of the diode must be greater than 311.08V. It is good practice to always select the PIV rating double of the maximum reverse voltage.

In this case, the maximum reverse voltage is 311.08V. The PIV rating should be doubled which means, 311.08*2= 622.16V is the perfect PIV rating. 622.16V PIV rating diode is not available in the market, so we can use 1N4006 whose PIV rating is 800V.

Here, the PIV Rating with Diode Number is given which will help you to buy a perfect Diode for your Electrical or Electronic Circuit.

Diode Number or Rating
PIV Rating

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