How CPU fan works, BLDC motor

How CPU fan works, BrushLess DC motor

What inside a CPU fan?How CPU fan works, BLDC motor

What is inside a CPU fan?

We are all already seen that in Motherboards, CPUs, and other many electrical and electronic devices DC fans are installed for colling purposes. Let's know about this and its constructions, and working principle.

The DC fans which are installed in the Motherboards, CPU, and other many electrical and electronic devices use a brushless DC motor or BLDC motor, which is an electronically commuted motor.

Construction of Brushless DC motor:

Each motor has a rotor part and a stator part.

Stator: In the stator part the armature coil is placed. And a Hall-effect sensor is also placed in the stator. The windings are arranged in either Star or Delta.

Rotor: The rotor part is very simple. It has a cylindrical permanent magnet. The blades are attached to it. The cylindrical permanent magnet rotates around the armature. The rotor has no. of poles, 2 poles or 4 poles or 6 poles or 8 poles. A heavy magnetic material is used in the rotor to produce high torque.

What inside a CPU fan?Construction of Brushless DC motor.Working Principle of BLDC Motor.Advantages of BLDC Motor.Applications of BLDC Motor.

Working Principle of BLDC Motor:

The working principle of this type of motor is very simple. When we apply DC voltage in the stator coil it will produce magnetic flux and become an electro-magnates. The opposite poles of the stator and rotor are attracted to each other and therefore the rotor moves. The hall-effect sensor is used to run the motor and it detects the position of the rotor by which it energizes the coils in a sequence in order to rotate the motor.
In some motors, the rotor is placed inside the stator, and in some motors, the stator is placed inside the rotor.

Advantages of BLDC Motor:

These types of motors are highly efficient. This type of motor can produce a large amount of torque. The operation of this type of motor is very smooth. Its speed is very high.

Applications of BLDC Motor:

1. This type of motor is used for cooling purposes in Electrical and Electronics devices.
2. This type of motor is used in Robotics, automotive, etc.

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