Telecaster Wiring Diagram and Connection Procedure Explained

Hey, in this article we are going to see the Telecaster Wiring Diagram with a 3 Way Switch, two potentiometers, an output jack, a bridge, and a neck. It is the standard wiring diagram of Telecaster. You know, the telecaster was the first commercial guitar produced in the world. This article will help you to get a clear wiring diagram for telecasters. Before starting the wiring or connection please verify all the components and procedures. We will help to give you a general idea and procedure but you should gather more knowledge. Actually, there are so many different wiring schemes you can use for your telecaster but here we will see the standard wiring diagram that is mostly used and give you an amazing result.

Wiring Components

Here is the list of components and tools you required for the wiring,

1. Potentiometer

Here, you will need 2 PCs 250K potentiometers. each of them has three terminals. The potentiometer is basically a voltage divider. Here, one potentiometer is used for volume control, and another one is used for Tone control.

2. Capacitor

You will need a 0.047 microfarad ceramic capacitor. A ceramic capacitor is best for electronic circuits, audio control circuits, etc. It provides both filtering and controlling functions.

3. 3-Way Switch

Here, you will need a 3-way Tele spring action switch. Basically, it has a total of 8 terminals. Four of them are connected together and go for the volume control circuit and the other two go for neck and bridge pickup.

4. Output Jack

You can use a 1/4" mono jack socket for the external output connection. When you plug in a standard mono guitar cable, the connection is made, and the electrical signal from the pickups is sent through the cable to the connected device. The other end of the cable should be connected to the input jack of your amplifier, effects pedals, or audio interface.

5. Other Tools and Components
  • Cloth wire for connection
  • Telecaster Control Plate
  • Wirecutter
  • Soldering Iron and kit
  • Insulation Tape
  • Screws
  • Heat Shrink

Telecaster Wiring Diagram

Here, you can see the standard wiring diagram for the telecaster.

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Connection Procedure

1. Connect the metallic body of all potentiometers, negative or ground terminals of the neck and bridge, and the output jack to the ground. See the connection diagram for your reference. You should use a black color wire for this connection.

2. Connect the positive pin of the Neck Pick up to the three-way switch as shown in the wiring diagram. Before connecting the three-way switch please place the switch position as shown in the figure otherwise the connection will be changed. You can use a grey color wire for this connection.

3. Connect the positive terminal of the Bridge to the three-way switch as shown in the above connection diagram. Here, you can use a yellow color wire for this connection.

4. Connect the 0.047 uF capacitor as shown in the diagram. Remember that the connection of the capacitor should not be wrong. And as it is a non-polarized capacitor so there is no polarity issue you can connect any terminal anywhere.

5. Connect both potentiometers and 3-way switches as per the diagram.

6. Now connect the output jack as shown in the wiring diagram. Here, you can see the output jack has two connections Ring and Tip. The ring is to be connected to the Ground and the Tip is to be connected to the volume control potentiometer.

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