What is Function Generator? Application, Uses

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Function Generator Definition

The Function Generator is an electronic device or software that is used to generate electrical or electronic signals in different waveforms. The most common waveforms that can be generated using a function generator are Sine Wave, Triangular Wave, Square Wave, and Sawtooth Wave. 

The sine wave is almost a continuous wave and you can see its example in our conventional AC power system. The square wave is a pulse or discrete wave signal and you can see its example in digital circuits. Remember that the function generator can generate both single shot and repetitive waveforms. The single-shot waveform requires an internal or external trigger source.

Using the function generator we can change the characteristics of the waveforms such as we can change the length of the waveform or modifying the edge of the waveforms, height, and width of the waveforms.

A function generator can produce a wide range of frequency signals. It can provide up to 20 MHz frequency signals. But the low-cost function generators operate with low medium frequency signals while the high-cost function generators are able to operate with high-frequency signals.

Nowadays most of the modern function generators support Amplitude Modulation(AM), Frequency Modulation(FM), and Phase Modulation(PM).

Applications and Uses of  Function Generator

1. The function generator is mainly used for generating different types of signals used for testing purposes. In electronic testing, we required different types of waveforms. In this case, the function generator helps a lot. For electronic device repair purposes also function generator is used.

2. Using the function generator we can add a DC offset signal to the existing signal. This is required for some special testing purposes.

3. The function generators are come not only in the form of equipment or software, even they come in form of ICs also. For Example, the ICs XR2206 and L8038 can generate a sine wave, square wave, and ramp wave signals.

4. A function generator can be used for signal modification purpose.

5. Function Generator is uses to apply different type of signal in newly designed electronic circuit or devices to check their performance. 

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