What is Electronic Testing? Equipment, Types, Examples

electronic testing and testing equipment


Electronic Testing is a process to find out the faulty part of an electronic device. The device or equipment using which we test any electronic device is called electronic testing equipment. Electronic testing methods and electronic testing instruments are very useful for electronic manufacturing, circuit design, maintenance, repair, servicing, etc. The electronic device is to be tested is called Device Under Test(DUT).

Electronic devices consist of so many complex circuitry, active components, passive components, Integrated Circuits(ICs), etc. So to test an electronic device we need a proper arrangement that can test or trace the internal parts of an electronic device by measuring their characteristics, and properties. For example, the function of a fuse is to break the circuit in faulty conditions but in normal conditions, it should conduct current. Now, if we want to test if the fuse is ok or not then we need a multimeter. Put the multimeter in continuity mode then test the fuse easily.


Some examples of electronic testing equipment are,
  • Multimeter
  • LCR Meter
  • EMF Meter
  • Logic Analyzer
  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • Hipot Tester
  • Cable Tester
  • Oscilloscope
  • Frequency Meter

Electronic Testing

Voltmeter and Ammeter are very well-known and widely usable testing or measuring devices. Using a voltmeter you can measure the voltage of a circuit to test if it is working properly as per its rating. So you can ensure if the device or circuit is faulty or not. same as the ammeter also can be used testing to measure the current flow. You can ensure is the circuit flowing the rated current or not. If overcurrent flows then you can ensure that the device is faulty so you can reject that device or take corrective action. The multimeter is also very well known and widely usable testing equipment that provides the function to measure current, voltage, power, frequency, and so many functions in a single device.

The LCR meter is used to measure the inductance(L), Capacitance(C), and Resistance(R) values. The ohmmeter is used to measure the Resistance. A clamp meter is used to measure the electric current. But it does not require to connect to the circuit anywhere. Just we need to place the wire inside its clamp and it will automatically show the current in its display.

The knowledge of electronic testing and testing equipment is very essential as it is required in every stage of electronics engineering from manufacturing to repairing. Before manufacturing, different types of bench testing are performed to make sure the actual output, circuit components requirements, size of the circuit, etc.

AC/DC power supply is very important for bench testing. When bench testing is performed, different voltage levels at different forms are required. So the AC/DC power supply system converts the utility power supply(120V or 230V AC) into a required power supply such as 12V DC, 9V DC, or 2V AC, etc. SMPS(Switch Mode Power Supply) is an example of an AC/DC power supply system. It is a compact and modern power supply system that provides very low noise, steady-state output, etc.

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