Difference between Electrical Isolator and Insulator

Difference between electrical isolator and insulator

The main difference between Electrical Isolator and Insulator is, that the isolator is a device that has a connecting and disconnecting mechanism to isolate a part of an electrical circuit whereas the insulator is a material or object that provides electrical isolation between the current-carrying part and non-current-carrying part by itself. The insulator does not have any connecting or disconnecting mechanism, it provides isolation by itself due to its current opposition or insulator property.

Other important differences between insulator and isolator are given below,

  1. The isolator is a mechanical or electromechanical device whereas the insulator is made of insulating material such as porcelain, glass, plastic, rubber, etc.
  2. The isolator is not a fixed device it operates with movement to make isolation. On the other hand, the insulator is a fixed device that is placed permanently to provide insulation.
  3. The isolator is an operating device whereas an insulator is not any device it is a material or object.
  4. You can see the application of the isolator in substations, electrical circuits, control circuits, and switching circuits. On the other hand, you can see the application of insulators in electric poles, cables, wires, electrical or electronic devices, etc.
  5. Insulators are designed for how much time and up to how much voltage they can provide the proper insulation property without any breakdown. On the other hand, isolators are designed with voltage rating current conducting capacity, etc.

Based on the application isolators are classified as,
  1. Single Break Isolator
  2. Double Break Isolator
  3. Pantograph Isolator

Based on the placement type, isolators are classified as,
  1. Bus Side Isolator
  2. Line Side Isolator
  3. Transformer Bus Isolator

Types of insulators used in the overhead electrical power transmission line,
  1. Pin Type Isolator
  2. Disc Type Isolator
  3. Suspension Type Isolator
  4. Strain Type Isolator
  5. Shackle Insulator
  6. Stay Insulator

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