GFCI Outlet Wiring and Connection Diagram

GFCI or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter is an electrical protective device that gives protection against heart leakage fault or direct ground fault. Basically, it is designed like an electrical outlet where we can plug different types of portable electrical appliances such as dryers, trimmers, heaters, etc. GFCI is mainly used to give protect portable electrical appliances but we can connect other loads of our houses such as rights, ceiling fans, etc. Almost all of you the USA people heard about this GFCI outlet. In this, article we are going to see the basic wiring diagram for the GFCI connection. GFCI mainly used wet or moisturized places such as the kitchen, bathroom, swimming pools, and outdoor power connection. When earth leakage occurs due to water or moisture it immediately turned off the power supply.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter(GFCI) Terminals

Here, you can see the input, output, line, and load terminals of a GFCI outlet.

GFCI Outlet Terminals, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

In the outlet, the downside the biggest blade is for earthing or grounding. The upside-right narrow blade is for line or phase or hot. The upside left wide blade is for neutral. Now, let's see the input and output terminals. In the receptacle, the upside left terminal is for input neutral and the upside right terminal is for input live or phase terminal. The downside left terminal is for neutral out or output to the external load. The downside crew is for earthing or grounding. Generally, phase terminals are made of brass screws and the neutral terminals are made of silver screws.

Also, you can see the Ground-fault Circuit interrupter has a test button and a reset button. The main function of the test button is to test the working and function of the GFCI. For example, your GFCI is installed six months or one year before. So, you have to check whether it is working properly. To check it's working just press the Test button, if the GFCI is tripped or turned off the power supply, then it is working properly. The main function of the Reset button is to reset or be ready for operation once it is tripped. Due to an earth leakage fault, if the GFCI is tripped, then first resolve the issue then press the reset to start its protection again. Until you press the RESET button, it will not work.

GFCI Wiring and Connection Diagram

Here, you can see the input power supply connection to the GFCI.

GFCI Outlet Wiring and Connection Diagram, GFCI connection

Connection Procedure

1. Connect the phase or live terminal of the power source to the upside-right terminal of the outlet.

2. Connect the neutral terminal of the power source to the upside-left terminal of the outlet.

3. Connect the earthing or grounding wire to the downside terminal of the outlet as shown in the above wiring diagram.

4. Now, once the power connection is completed you can connect any device to the GFCI Outlet the device will get power through the GFCI outlet, and it will be ground fault protected.

GFCI Connection with an Additional Oridanry Outlet

As we know that the GFCI outlet has output terminals and these terminals can be used for connecting external outlets or loads. When we connect any load or ordinary outlet to the output of the GFCI outlet these also be ground fault protected. Here, you can see the connection of the GFCI outlet with an ordinary outlet.

GFCI Outlet Connection with Oridinary Outlet, connection of GFCI outlet

By connecting the ordinary outlet to the GFCI outlet, you can give protection to any appliances or devices plugged into that outlet. Here, only a single outlet is shown, but you can connect multiple outlets in parallel.

Connection Procedure

1. Connect all the input supply terminals as discussed above section.

2. Connect the downside right terminal of the GFCI outlet to the upside right terminal of the ordinary outlet.

3. Connect the downside left terminal of the GFCI outlet to the upside left terminal of the ordinary outlet.

4. Take a loop or connect the earthing from the GFCI outlet to the ordinary outlet. Also, you can connect an external earthing or grounding.

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