Best Three Ways To Convert AI To PDF

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If you are looking to learn about converting AI (Adobe Illustrator) to PDF, this is the best guide, especially if you happen to be a beginner. Here we will let you know about some simple and easy methods to convert AI to PDF format. You can easily convert your electrical or electronics engineering logos, diagrams, and photos into PDFs for free.

Given below are a few of the tools that can help quickly convert an AI file to PDF. Keep reading to find out what those applications are and how they can be of help.

First Approach: Using Convertio For Converting Adobe Illustrator To PDF

Convertio is among the best applications that can be used to learn about converting AI to PDF. Using this application, it is possible to have a full choice of converting a file from one format to another without any difficulty. The application can support up to 2500 different conversions.

This application acts as a PCR tool as well as a PDF tool, video converter, image converter, archive converter, presentation converter, ebook converter, and audio converter. Both the Google and Dropbox drive platforms can be used for uploading files. Given below are the steps to convert AI to PDF:

Once you are on the website, go to the main page. At the top, you will see a long box from where the AI file can be uploaded for converting it to PDF. The file can be uploaded in four different ways. One of the ways is by uploading from the desktop and the second one is through Dropbox. The third way is from the drive, while the fourth way is through the URL of the site.

Once the file has been successfully uploaded, select the action button to convert the file to PDF. Once it is done, the process of conversion will begin without any delay. Once the conversion process is completed, the converted PDF can be downloaded.

Second Approach: Converting AI to PDF using 2PDF

Then, there is which is a top-class and famous tool for AI conversion to PDF. The reputation of this application is due to its excellent service when it comes to conversion. Professionals widely use this tool, and the interface for conversion is quite a pleasant one.

There is no need to download or install this tool since it is a 100 percent cloud application and is available for free. This tool can also be used to convert to other file formats. The integration of the program with the could is smooth, and there is no interruption when the conversion is in progress.

In the first step, open the URL - The second step is to pick the particular AI file either from a PC, drive, or Dropbox. In the third step, you have to choose the file format out of a collection of 200 different formats. Lastly, hit the OK button to complete the process and obtain the file.

Third Approach: AnyConv For Concerting AI To PDF

The AnyConv tool can also be used to convert AI to PDF. It is an excellent tool that allows easy conversion. The application does not require any download or installation since it is cloud-based. The biggest advantage is, it offers a mail service in case there is any trouble in converting. Just pick the file and hit the Convert command. Upon completion of the conversion, the PDF can be downloaded.

Now, it's your choice to use the application that is convenient for you. Good Luck!

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