Difference Between MPCB VS MCCB Explained

The main difference between MPCB and MCCB is, MPCB is a specially designed electrical protection and safety device for electrical motors. On the other hand, MCCB is also an electrical protective device designed for high current carrying electrical power circuits. In this article, we are going to know all the major differences between MCCB and MPCB along with their construction, working principle, and features. The full form of MPCB is Motor Protection Circuit Breaker and the full form of MCCB is Moulded Case Circuit Breaker.

Difference Between MPCB VS MCCB, MPCB and MCCB difference


1. MPCB specially designed for electrical motor or dynamic load whereas MCCB specially designed for a static load such as an electrical power circuit.

2. MCCB designed with the feature of a remote trip or turned off but the MPCB has not any feature like remote off or remote trip by an external control circuit.

3. MCCB can give protection against overload faults, short circuit faults. On the other hand, MPCB gives protection against overload fault, short circuit fault, current unbalance fault, voltage unbalance fault, phase loss, single phasing, etc.

4. MCCB has the function in its construction to manually add NO, NC contacts within it whereas MPCB already comes with embedded NO and NC auxiliary contacts to make an external indication circuit, control circuit.

5. MPCB provides higher reliability for dynamic load circuits as well as static load circuits but MCCB provides higher reliability for static load circuits and lowers reliability for dynamic load circuits.

6. MCCB has an up and down type switch to turn on and off manually. On the other hand, MPCB has a two-position rotary type switch to manually turned on and off.

7. Generally, MPCB comes with three poles as they designed for the protection of  three-phase electrical motors. Also, note that most MPCB do not require to connect Neutral. On the other hand, MCCB comes with two poles, three poles, and four poles also.

8. MPCB can give protection against the line to line fault and line to ground fault but MCCB cannot give the protection against the line to line fault and line to ground fault.

9. MPCB has an embedded thermal overload relay in its construction that helps to trip the external circuit as well as MPCB itself when an overload fault occurs. On the other hand, MCCB has thermal contacts for overload protection that only trips the MCCB itself when an overload fault occurs but it has not any thermal overload relay to indicate or trip the external circuits during the overload faults.

10. MPCB also has a thermal delay system which prevents the motor from turned back on immediately after an overload trip. On the other hand, MCCB does not have any feature like this. Once the MCCB tripped due to the overload it needs to be turned on manually.

Constructional Difference Between MPCB and MCCB

In the construction of MPCB, it has six main parts as below,

  1. Magnetic Trip Unit
  2. Overload Release Mechanism
  3. Main Contacts
  4. Auxiliary Contacts
  5. ARC Chute
  6. Plunger

MCCB has nine main parts in its construction as below,

  1. Thermal Contact or Bimetallic Contacts
  2. Moving Contacts
  3. ARC Chute
  4. Operating Mechanism
  5. Thermal Connectors
  6. Current Transformer(CT)
  7. Handle Knob
  8. Manual Trip Button
  9. Current setting rotary switch

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