What happens if DC supply is given to Induction Motor?

The most usable electrical motor is the induction motor. The applications of induction motors are everywhere from the vehicle industry to the mechanical and heavy engineering industry. An induction motor is an electrical motor designed to operate with an AC power supply. So it is clear that the induction motor(single-phase or three-phase) will not work if we apply a DC supply. But you should know what will happen if we apply DC supply to the induction motor. This will clear your doubts and increase your knowledge about induction motors.

dc supply to induction motor

So let's see what will happen when DC supply is applied to the induction motor,

1. In a three-phase induction motor, the rotating magnetic field(RMF) is very important to rotate the rotor of the induction motor and it is produced due to the arrangement of the stator winding and the alternating nature of the three-phase AC supply. So, first of all, we cannot apply DC supply to the three-phase induction motor because it requires three phases but DC supply has a single phase only. The second one is DC not alternating in nature so it cannot help to produce the rotating magnetic field in a three-phase induction motor. So if we apply DC supply to the three-phase induction motor it will not rotate.

2. In a single-phase induction motor, there is no rotating magnetic field phenomenon but it also uses the changing polarity and magnitude properties of the AC supply to develop rotational torque on the rotor. So, as the DC supply is constant in nature, it is not enough to run the single-phase induction motor. 

3. Now we are going to discuss the most vital factor. We know that the induction motor works on the same principle as the Transformer which is electromagnetic induction. Also, we know that electromagnetic induction is possible with an AC supply only. So when we apply DC supply there is no electromagnetic induction happens so the induction motor also cannot work.

4. The stator winding of the induction motor has very low resistance. The flow of current through the stator winding is limited by the self-inductance of the stator winding and the counter-emf produced by the rotor winding. So when we apply AC voltage, the AC current is limited by those two factors but when we apply DC voltage to the stator winding, it will draw a very high current because there is nothing to limit the DC current because of self-inductance or mutual inductance not produce with DC supply. So, due to the flow of high current, the stator winding will be burned.

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