What is Humming in Transformer? It's Reason or Cause Explained

Humming in Transformer

The noise or sound in the Transformer is known as Humming. The main reason for Humming in Transformer is Magnetostriction which depends upon the stray magnetic field. In this article, we will discuss the cause of the humming noise in the transformer, reduce procedure, etc.

Actually, the humming noise is associated with the alternating current and we know that transformers only work with alternating current. So the humming noise in a transformer is a common problem it cannot be eliminated completely but it can be reduced. To reduce the humming noise, first, we should know the cause of the humming noise in a transformer.

Causes of Humming Noise in Transformer?

The main cause of humming in a transformer is Magnetostriction. Now you may think what is Magnetostriction?

Magnetostriction is a property of ferromagnetic materials by virtue of which they change their shape or dimension when they are exposed to changing magnetic fields.

We know that the magnetic field or magnetic flux is continuously changing in a transformer as the AC changes its polarity and magnitude. We also know that the core of the transformer is made of Iron and it laminated. So when the changing magnetic flux conducts through the iron core, it changes its shape also.

This change in the shape of the transformer core creates a vibration that further creates a noise which is called Humming. So the humming occurs due to the dimensional changes in the core of the transformer.

The humming noise in the transformer also depends upon the frequency of the AC supply because of the changes in the magnetic field depend upon the frequency. Generally, the frequency of the humming noise is twice the operating supply frequency. For example, if the operating supply frequency is 50 Hz then the frequency of the humming sound will be 100 Hz and if the operating supply frequency is 60 Hz then the humming frequency will be 120Hz.

The humming also depends upon the core lamination. If the lamination is not properly done then it will create more noise. So loose clamping and poor stacking are increases the chances of humming.

The humming sound also depends upon the load. If the transformer is connected to a large load then it will conduct a large current. The large current creates more magnetic flux which further increases the humming.

Effects of Humming Noise

1. The humming in the transformer can be called is energy loss. Because the humming is just a sound and we know that sound is nothing but energy.

2. The humming can reduce the mechanical strength of the transformer core.

3. Humming Noise can create mechanical vibrations within the transformer. Excessive vibrations can potentially affect the structural integrity of the transformer and may lead to increased wear and tear over time.

4. Humming noise in a transformer could be a symptom of increased electrical resistance or other issues that lead to higher heat generation.

How Humming can be Reduced?

The humming noise cannot be eliminated totally. We can reduce the humming noise. To reduce the humming noise, the core should be properly laminated. The stacking of the core should be done tightly.

All the joints in the transformer should be done properly. The transformer should have good core support.

The unbalanced load may increase the humming noise, so the balance of load in three phases should be maintained.

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