Effects Of Power Supply Failure On Sensitive Equipment

Effects Of Power Supply Failure On Sensitive Equipment

Electricity is undeniably a wonder for the lives of everyone. It gives power to most machines we use for them to work. It makes our lives easier and better to navigate. However, just like anything else, it comes with its downsides. Even though it is crucial to our lives, it is very dangerous when not handled properly and can cause electrocution. For many possible reasons, some equipment that uses electricity can also be damaged. These sensitive electronics, such as computers and LCD TVs, are prone to damage when there is a fluctuation in the current or voltage or even a sudden loss of the power supply. So, here we can enumerate some of the effects a power supply failure can do on our sensitive equipment.


Fires are common accidents that happen due to faulty appliances. Spikes that can go higher than the equipment’s operating voltage can severely damage the wirings as it increases the current. This surge can overheat the internal electric parts and, when hot enough, can burn them. Fires can easily spread, so not only can they burn the device, but they may also lead to the whole room or building burning down. This is one of the common causes when we see news where an apartment or any building is caught on fire.
To reduce this risk, you can use voltage regulators, and this is where you can plug in your sensitive electronics. Also, these types of equipment should be pulled out of the plug when not used.


Damaged Insulators

This is also a result of voltage spikes that cause overheating but are lesser in severity that it will not cause a fire. It weakens insulators such as rubber materials that coat and protect the wires. Whenever this happens, it will only be a matter of time before it can be damaged completely and cause much worse harm not just to the device itself but to the people using it. When the insulators or even part of it disintegrates completely, the wires it should be protecting can cause ionization in the air between them. The arcing will result in a short circuit and spark. Other internal components of the machine can also catch fire.
Hence, if you know that your equipment is sensitive to fluctuations in voltage, it is helpful to check its internal components regularly for damaged wirings and replace them.

Damaged Components

Damages can also happen even in the smallest parts of your equipment. Smaller surges and repeated surges in the power supply can sometimes damage the transistors or resistors of your device. This is even more tricky because this certain cause of your device suddenly not working cannot be easily known as quickly as possible. Also, it is hard to prevent this problem. Thus, when encountering the same signs of complications, it is recommended that professional technicians check the device to get the damaged part replaced.


Safety Precautions

Prevent these incidents from happening by adding safeguards to your sensitive equipment. Cover exposed wires to avoid short-circuits and opt for a switched-mode power supply for lesser heat and low power wastage.

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